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The Importance of Early Child Dental Care

Some children may need to have their first dental visit earlier than expected. Children should start visiting their dental practitioners once they reach the age of three. Infants are not born with teeth; however, their oral hygiene is important to protect their gums. Healthy gums will foster a good environment for their teeth to grow. Taking your children for dental visits assures the safety and protection of their oral health at an early age.
Early Teeth Growth
A child’s teeth start to grow around the age of six months, although this may vary up to 12 months. Teeth slowly start to progress in a process known as “teething”. During this period, a baby may show excessive drooling or fussiness. Children may grow all their primary teeth at the age of three. Even if they will lose their baby teeth, it is still important for them to practice oral hygiene for the accommodation of their primary teeth.
Time Frame
In line with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should have their first visit to a pediatric dental practitioner during the first signs of teeth growth. Parents should start bringing their children to the dentist once they reach one year old. It is practical for your children to have dental visits every six months or more often. This is to evaluate the oral hygiene and growth of their teeth.
First Dental Visit
Your children’s first dental visit may not require extensive examinations. Professional dental practitioners gently inspect the baby’s mouth and spend time to educate parents on how to brush their children’s teeth properly. Early dental practices teach children that oral checkups are important routine activities and not something to be fearful of.
Pediatric Dentist
A pediatric dentist practices advance oral treatments specifically for children. To become a pediatric dentist, one must go through four years of dental school and another two years of supplemental training for childhood dentistry. A pediatric dentist must be familiar with many child dental issues. These include primary teeth loss, tooth decay, tooth injuries, and treating bad habits such as thumb sucking. They provide nutritional advice about the right kind of foods children should eat, and they must know how to deal with fearful or misbehaving children.
Parental Care
Parents should help their children with brushing at the beginning of infancy. They should use a small soft toothbrush or a wet wash cloth with warm water to clean the baby’s gums. Parents can start using toothpaste once the first teeth of the child erupt. They should put minimal amounts of toothpaste that Tooth Filling Cost Canada are specifically for infant use. Once a child becomes a toddler, a pea size amount of toothpaste is necessary. Parents must always supervise their children while they learn how to brush their teeth. Children who are starting to learn the basics of brushing may not be able to fully clean their teeth.
Today, it is not difficult to look for a reliable pediatric dentist for your children. You can actually search for them online by viewing How To Clean Between Teeth Without Floss dental websites. Teaching your child how to maintain good oral hygiene at a young age will always help them prevent future oral problems.