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The Basics For Healthy Eating

The Basics For Healthy Eating

I’m going to go over the basics of healthy eating in this article and give a step by step instruction on how to wean yourself off of the typical fast food diets were so eagerly eating on a daily basis and switching it over to healthy.

1. Make the switch to Green Tea in the morning, noon or night. Start slow and wean yourself off of coffee and soda. this should take approximately 7 to 10 days. Make it a habit at night to make your tea and refrigerate it and have it ready for you in the morning. I personally am kind of lazy, so I prefer to go to Starbucks, If you keep the cup it is only a $.50 refill the same day and your recycling all in the same shot.

2. Make the switch to Non hormonal meats. This is pretty easy. The fact is it may cost a little more but when it comes to your health isn’t it  worth it.

3. Non hormonal dairy products. Once again, a small cost difference is worth every penny when it comes to my health.

4. Ezekiel bread, you can find this in the frozen section. All honesty this is probably something that took me a little getting use to, but this is organic sprouted whole grain bread and there are many other products that line the shelf with this brand.

5. Organic mixed baby greens. By all means this has to be one of my favorites. There is just countless things you can do with this. From a wonderful salad to green smoothies.

6. Raw do I really have to go any further with this one.

This is just a start, mind you this all takes time. It took me 2 weeks just to break the habit of drinking soda let alone trying to keep track of everything from non hormonal chicken to green smoothies. Remember this is a marathon not a sprint. We all have to start somewhere, so why not start with healthy eating. You’ll find if you just break the habit of soda you will feel so much more energized that you’ll want to continue on the path of healthy eating. Don’t give up. It took me years just to get the courage to try a green smoothie, let alone a raw dessert.

I’ll say this. If you fall off the wagon the great thing is you can jump right back on. Hell Rome wasn’t built in a day.