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Supplemental Insurance: Getting Your Fix Outside the Box

Health insurance must take into account the big picture. It does not only provide protective coverage in case of accident, but also covers you on a day to day basis, coming to your rescue when health issues arise. Because public insurance plans provide partial benefit, or none at all, for “extended” services and treatments such as vision and dental care, massage therapy, chiropractic treatments, and alternative medicine, many invest in supplemental insurance. Those who choose to go without additional coverage often find themselves in a cold sweat, looking down into the abyss of their wallet when they or a member of their family suddenly requires specialized care.
One particular aspect of supplemental insurance, which is distinctive from other issues, concerns coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. Although only certain companies include this constituent in their outline, the majority of standard insurance policies simply do not. If you suffer from a pre-existing condition, a good insurance plan will entitle you to some coverage, if not full coverage.
Another valuable element of a supplemental insurance policy is that its outline is not set in stone. You can review your policy at any time and make changes as needed. Keep in mind though that your alterations may not take effect immediately. Just as any new policy is likely to be effective after a 3-month processing period, a similar waiting period may also apply here.
Extended Health Care Coverage
Whether to upgrade your present health benefits with supplemental insurance or not, is your decision to make. You might shrug it off as unnecessary for your current needs, but nevertheless the added coverage is worth considering for specific services not included in your public plan. In the event of future health Diseases That Cause Tooth Decay problems, obtaining additional coverage is a preventative measure against unexpected and costly medical bills. While you are weighing your options, consider what suits you now, but also think about the possible needs you foresee for you and your family in the future, in the form of extended health care services.
Eye Care: You should take into account adequate coverage for routine eye exams, eyewear (frame and lens) and contact lens, especially if your family has a history of vision problems. Coverage or limited coverage for Lasik and other cosmetic procedures may be available in some insurance plans.
Preventive Dental Care: A private health insurance policy can help secure regular visits to the dentist, not only keeping your own teeth healthy, but also protecting your children from potential dental problems down the road. Preventive measures may include:
checkups, cleanings, x-ray scans and fillingsperiodontal work (tartar build-up removal)space maintainerssimple extractions
Cosmetic Dental Care: Extended dental coverage can give you back that award-winning smile and improve your self-image. Cosmetic dental procedures can consist of:
teeth bleaching and whiteningimplants, veneers and porcelain inlaysorthodontic care, cosmetic gum grafting, and invisalign (clear braces)
Chiropractic Care: Diagnosed with a neuromuscular system disorder? Suffering from chronic pain in your back or neck? Your private insurance plan may offer coverage for chiropractic treatments. This line of care is also deemed effective in relieving headaches, arthritic joint pain, shoulder pain, or sustained RSI (repetitive strain injury).
Massage Therapy: If you are looking for pain relief, increased mobility and relaxation, extended health coverage can include massage therapy, a popular alternative means to treat many different health problems, employing manipulation techniques on the various layers of connective tissue and muscles within the human body. Massage treatments can be beneficial in reducing:
symptoms of mental health disorders (depression, anxiety, stress)stresses on the body and mind in cancer patients, and promotes a coping mechanismchronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, Delta Dental Ppo Coverage Plan sciatica, headaches and childbirthrespiratory symptoms of a chronic pulmonary diseasepain and swelling from repetitive strain injuries, whiplash, and athletic-related traumas
Acupuncture: This type of alternative therapy generally falls under extended coverage. It is used to treat muscular pain, post-surgery nausea, and certain other complex medical issues. It involves the insertion and manipulation of tiny needles in the skin, targeting specific points of the body. Such treatments are deemed ideal for relief from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Supplemental insurance is a wise investment for you and your loved ones as it offers a blanket of security where and when you need it most. Best of all, no more worrying about unexpected bills popping up for medical procedures not covered under your primary health insurance program.