Rise in Emergency Dentist Cases at Hospitals

The last ten years has seen enormous growth in dental practices switching from NHS to private practice; this undoubtedly has had a knock on effect for the less affluent. Although the kinds of Why Do We Get Toothaches services on offer have dramatically increased, the waiting lists for NHS dentists have become longer and longer. For those who can not afford private dentistry this is highly problematic.
In fact many people are choosing not to register with a dentist and go to the hospital instead when they have extreme toothache or other dental emergencies. Unfortunately though as hospitals are ill-equipped to handle dental cases and are backlogged with medical patients, people requiring urgent dental treatment are turned away. This has led to a massive increase in people turning to DIY dentistry and carrying out extractions with home-tool-kit pliers. For people who can’t afford private dentists this seems to be the only option and is an increasingly worrying trend. In fact this often leads to more and more patients ending up right back where they started, in Accident and Emergency.
There is a ray of hope though for patients recently as several dental comparison websites have arisen which allow people to search for local NHS dentist in their area and further afield if needs be. This makes the process of finding Best Medical Insurance Companies an NHS dentist easier and much less time consuming. The average person on the street does not realise that they are free to change Dental Surgeries; hopefully the rise of the internet can help change peoples preconceptions.

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