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Preparing For a Dental Implant Procedure

1. Complete Examination
Before you can even consider dental implants, you will need to be examined thoroughly by an experienced oral surgeon. They will check your jaw structure to make sure it can support the implants, examine the area where the implants will go, and inform you of the exact procedure you will undergo.
2. Review Dental Indian Dentist In New Zealand History
You should also always provide your dentist with any previous dental history, or important health information before undergoing any procedure. Every piece of information you give to your dental professional will help them better formulate a course of action which best benefits you and your health.
3. Know the Procedure
Once you know that dental implants are an option, you should sit down with your dentist and have them explain the procedure in detail. It is important to understand what you will be experiencing, and how many steps are in the process. It is also important to understand the financial obligations you will have to perform. Luckily, at Caring Dentistry of San Rafael we will help our patients navigate payment options, to make sure all of our clients receive the treatment they deserve regardless of financial status.
4. Stop Smoking & Drinking
Statistics have shown that patients who drink and smoke in the weeks before a dental implant procedure are more likely to face complications later on. While dental implants hold one of the highest success rates amongst dental procedures, you should do what you can ensure your body is ready for the implants.
5. Eat Delta Dental Ppo Coverage Pdf Early
If you are prone to eating multiple times a day, you may want to wake up early and eat the day of your implant procedure. Dentists usually recommend that a patient avoid eating or drinking for the six hours prior to surgery. Additional steps like this help increase the procedures success rate, and get you out of the door and home on the couch that much faster.
6. Get Comfortable
Wearing loose-fitting and comfortable clothes the day of your appointment will help you feel as comfortable as possible. Even though you will be sedated for the procedure, having the rest of your body relaxed will help make the procedure more relaxing.
7. Bring a Friend
Since you will be sedated during the procedure, you should not operate a motor vehicle for at least twelve hours after surgery. Bring a family member or friend to drive you home, and offer moral support when you are ready to go home.
8. Relax
Although you may want to go right back to work after your dental implant procedure, going home to rest for the rest of the day will help the healing process move along more quickly. You should also consider taking a couple of days off of to stay at home and recovery from your implant procedure.