To most people, the whir of the dentist drill makes someone a little sick. But now, the dentists are going high tech already. Due to constant advances in technology, getting rid of toothache is becoming a less painful process. Dr. George Choo and the rest of his team are now using the new technology to fill cavities, replace old fillings, and make restorations.
What is the Advantage of this New Technology?
The German-made CEREC CAD/CAM, is an instrument used to capture a digital image of the client’s tooth and makes a perfect mold to replace the loss part of the tooth, or what is called a “restoration”. This procedure would only take a single sitting. Unlike the old dental practice where the clients still need to wait for 1-2 weeks after the mold has been sent to the dental laboratory. Now, with CEREC CAD/CAM the client can get their tooth done in 1 hour. No need to send a mold to the lab and the client may able to eat immediately following the procedure.
In addition, the porcelain restoration of CEREC can give you a more natural-looking tooth, and much more is that Affordable Dental Veneers it is biocompatible, which means it does not cause harm or immunological response when placed in the body.
Now, CEREC is more reliable and is used as an alternative to the traditional mercury metal fillings. Unlike metals such as mercury, porcelain does not expand and trap cold or heat which causes tooth sensitivity. The mercury/ metal fillings have the tendency to leak and if that happen a root canal treatment is the next thing to do. So, why should you go with the metal fillings if there’s a safer way to treat the tooth?
CEREC is an abbreviation that stands for “Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics”, and then CAD/CAM stands for “Computer-Aided Design/ Computer-Aided Manufacturing”. This German-made technology has long been used in engineering and car manufacturing but it was only recently that it has been expanded to medicine.
In the field of medicine, CAD/CAM is used to make a precise-fitting artificial heart valves, joints, and dental crowns. Dr. George Choo, and his team have attended training sessions on how to use this equipment on their dental practice. They even mastered the technique for many years and were certified by “Sirona”- the worldwide leader in dental technology for 130 years and by the “German Society of Computerized Industry” as their training centre for dental practitioners who wanted to engage in this practice.
How does CEREC do the work?
The client’s tooth is first prepared for a painless procedure then a titanium powder is sprinkled over the tooth. The powder then allows the infrared camera to capture a digital image of the tooth which is that same powder used to paint “M” on M & M’s chocolates. So, it’s safe.
The digital image is then transferred to a computer where the dentist can make a design of a crown while the client at the same time can see how it would look like on the monitor. If both the client and the dentist are satisfied with the design, Full Sedation Dentist Near Me the 3-D image is then transmitted wirelessly to an adjacent drilling machine that robotically makes the restoration out of a small porcelain block. After which, it will then be bonded to the client’s tooth where it is supposed to stay for life.
Since the CAD Dental Centre’s practice in CEREC, it has fitted a thousand teeth. And what is more exciting is that, more and more client keeps on coming for their restorations just by merely referrals from friends and relatives.