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Learn 4 Important Puppy Tips and Raise a Healthy Dog

You have a new puppy or are planning on getting one, how exciting! Here are Oral Hygiene Definition some important puppy tips that will help you raise a healthy, happy dog:

#1 Dental Care:

We have all experienced bad dog breath. Pet dental supplies are not what we think about when we decide to get a new puppy or dog, but it should be. Trust me, it is one of those things you want on hand. There are actually several solutions for doggie dental care:

Greenies Dental Chews: Are convenient and tasty daily oral health care options for your pet that will help freshen dog breath, control tarter and prevent plaque buildup.

Biotene Veterinarian Maintenance Oral Gel: Is a convenient, brushless gel that is formulated with enzymes that support your pet’s oral health.

Petrodex Finger Toothbrush: Is gentle and effective at removing plaque and food debris while massaging gums to increase circulation. Ideal for puppies, it’s easy to use and dishwasher safe!

The earlier you introduce your pup to dental hygiene the better. Puppies will be more open to the experience and less resistant later in life. Plus you will avoid more serious oral problems like gum disease.

#2 Age Appropriate Toys:

Dog toys are often one of the first purchases a new pet owner makes, however most select the wrong type for a puppy. Puppies go through a teething process just like humans so buying toys that capture their attention and sooth them is critical. Ask yourself a few questions before making your purchase and you can’t go wrong:

Is the toy durable? Make sure the toy will last and cannot be easily broken into small pieces that could Dentalnews be a choking hazard. Yes of course dog toys are meant to be chewed by will it last more than 10 minutes?

Will it capture my puppy’s attention? Puppies have different preferences and it’s important that your puppy is interested in their toy or they might chew on your furniture or worse your shoes!

Can it be frozen? It sounds a little odd, but the cold will help sooth your puppy during the teething process so if you find a toy that can be frozen it’s a plus.

I suggest buying a few cheap rope toys. They can be soaked in water or even chicken/beef broth to increase your puppy’s interest and will last for a while. Just make sure to supervise play time to ensure that puppy isn’t eating the loose strings.

#3 Bedtime

Many first time pet owners don’t have a plan for where the puppy is going to sleep. It’s best to really consider this and have a plan before you bring the puppy home. This is especially important if you have young children. The puppy needs consistency and everyone in the family needs to know the bedtime plan. Personally I suggest keeping the puppy in the kitchen or other non-carpeted room, because well there will be lots of accidents. This will be the easiest to clean up and remove the smell. Just make sure whatever room you choose if you choose to keep the puppy in a kennel you should make several trips outside to make sure the puppy doesn’t have to urinate in the kennel. Kennels often have faster results with training because of these routine walks throughout the night. After potty training a bedtime plan is less important.

#4 Socializing

It is critical for puppy’s to be introduced to many situations, people and other animals. This will give you puppy confidence and give you the chance to have informal training sessions:

Walk with treats in your pocket: Reward your puppy when they greet a person or another dog correctly.

Plan a play date! Having play dates for your neighborhood pets many sound a little silly but actually it’s one of the best things you can do. Letting the dogs in your neighborhood bond and become a pack means they will look out for each other and there will be less of those barking contests in the middle of the night. It’s also good for your dog to be familiar with neighbors and their daily habits.

Doggie Day Care: Drop your dog off at a dog care facility for a few hours a week.

Becoming a new pet owner is exciting. By utilizing the above tips and products, such as Greenies Dental Chews for bad dog breath, age appropriate toys like chicken broth soaked ropes (yum!), a consistent bedtime routine and lots of socializing, you can make the experience even more enjoyable for you and your pet!