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How Invisalign Works and What Benefits It Offers

Invisalign is a fairly new treatment in the field of cosmetic dentistry, which is basically an advanced version of braces since it is invisible, hence the name Invisalign. This new method of braces also uses no brackets at all or any other wires or contraptions. This is why this new method has suddenly gained so much popularity because it does not give you that ugly metallic look that people have to painfully endure when they get braces to align their teeth. The dentist takes an impression of the patient’s teeth first. Based on Oral Surgery Article the impressions, aligners are created in a set of 20 or 30, depending on how bad the condition is of the patient’s teeth. Each aligner is crafted in a fashion to give slight movement and position to your teeth each time they are put on. The dentist puts in a new set of aligners after every two weeks or so, again depending on your own unique case. With each new aligner, the patient experiences a slight shift and over the course of this treatment, the teeth are finally aligned in their right position giving you a brand new smile.
The treatment of Invisalign is quite long and it requires regular visits to the dentist as after every two weeks or three weeks. You have to get your old set of aligners replaced with a new set, while the dentist closely monitors the shifts and movements in your jaw. Before you start the treatment, your dentist will fully analyze your case and give Dental Office Job Descriptions you a complete schedule of all your visits and the total duration of the treatment. Therefore, you will get a picture and time period before hand. You will also be shown a 3D image of your results on a computer screen by the dentist who will show you before and after results so that you can see what the final outcome will look like with Invisalign.
The most unique thing is that it has to be completely customized for each patient. The aligners are custom-made based on the impressions that the dentist takes of the patient and sometimes the next set of aligners is also given a modified look depending on the shifts needed. Therefore, it is highly customized and one set of aligners made for your teeth cannot be used by anyone else. The most common cases in which Invisalign is used are to fix overbite, under bite, and other orthodontic problems. If you are interested in getting this treatment, you should visit your orthodontist or dentist and discuss your issue with him/her.
The main attraction is that the aligners that you have to wear are transparent and no one can really see that you are wearing anything. Unlike the old form of braces, which look really ugly and gives most people a very hard time in public, feeling embarrassed each time they smile, Invisalign helps you retain your confidence in public, while getting your teeth fixed. No one will notice that you are going through any treatment. The second biggest benefit is that you can remove the aligners each time you eat, thus there is no problem of facing the humiliation of food stuck in your teeth while you eat your meals in public. Keeping your teeth clean is also quite easy. You can easily brush and floss by taking off the aligners while you maintain your regular diet. This makes Invisalign treatment much more comfortable for people as compared to the traditional form of braces. It is a fairly smooth process.