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HIV Vaccine – Is There Any Success?

HIV Vaccine – Is There Any Success?

Viruses which attack the immune system of human are very critical because it causes your body failure to recover some injured area. The most common virus that is able to do this effect is HIV which can be transmitted by three ways. The method of the virus transmission may be through unprotected sexual intercourse, blood products or transmission from mother to the child when delivery.

Before continuing to the vaccine that gives significant change to maintain the immune system, we need to know that it is very difficult to find vaccine work out. The basic thing when you try to find the vaccine is the immune system should able to expose to harmless form of the pathogen. Then continue to form antibodies to against the virus and build the immune system.

The most common types of vaccines are either killed or they are attenuated so it become stop to continue its work. Other popular techniques to solve the viruses are conjugating, toxiods or subunits. But all of these techniques usually can work only to protect against the actual disease rather than the infection itself, so it still remains.

Recently there is a study involving 16,000 participants result that a combination of two vaccines called RV144 potential to lead the reduction in the risk of virus infection by about the third. Another combination of vaccines involves Alvac and Aidsvax show any valuable change. The vaccine strategy was prime boost effectively to cure a single exposure of virus.

The HIV vaccine with the prime boosts that the same antigen given twice but in two different vectors. The first vaccine purposes to the immune system while the second boosts the response. Both vaccines tested previously but in separated test and neither had shown any significant effects in person in the early HIV seroconversion against the virus.

Although the result is still far from being conclusive, it has been the biggest advance since 26 years of searching. The downside to this particular vaccine is only effective against particular strains of virus E and B. E commonly found in South-East Asia while B prevalent in Europe and USA. It becomes our hope that someday there will be found the effective way to cure the infection, but the most important thing to do is obviously we need to protect ourselves from the virus.