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Frequently Asked Questions About the All on Four Dental Implants

The All on Four Dental implants are a new dental technology that allows a permanent set of teeth to be placed that look and feel natural.
How are they different from dentures?
All on Four implants are permanent teeth that are cleaned and brushed just like normal natural teeth. Unlike dentures, they do not need to be removed at night. No messy adhesives are needed, and no gagging occurs as may happen with dentures. The All on 4 implants allow patients to bite down on foods with higher levels of force. This means patients may eat their favorite foods again.
How do they compare to traditional dental implants?
Traditional dental implants typically require five to eight implants per arch. Because the All on 4 implants are placed at an angle, increased support is created by utilizing the natural bone support.
Another issue is that traditional implants often necessitate bone grafting. In order for this to work, there is some healing necessary, which can take 6-12 months. Traditional implants may take numerous procedures for complete placement, whereas All on 4 implants are single stage.
What should be expected?
While patients do have considerable differences, a general rule of thumb is that two visits will be necessary prior to the procedure for the initial consultation, x-rays, and impressions. The procedure itself can be done in one setting along with extracting any teeth. Multiple post-operative visits will be necessary to ensure the healing is going okay. At about six months, that is when the final teeth are placed. This is after the gums have healed up and the implants have stabilized. This procedure is much shorter and easier than the initial.
Who is a good candidate for All on Four Implants?
The best candidate for the procedure is a person wearing dentures currently. Or potentially a person who will need dentures in the future and does not have severe bone degeneration.
Where do the new Oral Diseases Treatment teeth come from?
If the dentist’s office has an on-site lab, the implants can be made there. There are dental offices that utilize 3D CAD/CAM technology along with having the Aspen Dental Prices fabrication machines in the office. In those situations, the dentist will be able to oversee every step of the procedure to ensure the best result possible.
Are there considerations beyond the implants to consider?
Interestingly, there are other considerations. One mistake dentists often make is to show a line in the area where the natural gums meet the artificial ones. This can look unnatural.