Dry mouth or reduction of saliva is caused by different reasons and factors, as well as medical and psychological conditions. It is not a life threatening condition but the discomfort it brings may be Dental Care Information very irritating and so annoying that it affects your everyday living routine. Because of this, the occurrence of oral dehydration must not be taken for granted and must be dealt with immediately.
The key in preventing oral dryness is by keeping your mouth well hydrated. This can be done by stimulating the flow or production of saliva through mastication. Mastication is the breaking down of food using the teeth and jaw. Numerous products are available in achieving this goal. Chewing gums are very good Black Owned Dental Offices Near Me saliva stimulator but ensure that you are chewing on the sugarless variety as sugar only aggravates oral dehydration. Try TheraBreath Oxygenating Chewing Gum, ZOX Breath Fresheners and TheraBreath PLUS 9X FreshStrips. These products stimulate flow of saliva while taking care of your bad breath problems
Furthermore, you can start preventing dryness of the mouth by practicing a good oral hygiene routine. Remember that avoidance can outdo treatment. TheraBreath have created superior oral care products featuring oral rinse, toothpaste, breath spray, etc.
TheraBreath toothpaste is available both in fluoride and non fluoride version. The fluoride version fights decay, lousy taste, bad breath and dry mouth while the non fluoride contains Xylitol which is also good in fighting tooth decay and cavities. It also has high concentration of aloe vera which creates collagen, strengthens and heals weak and swollen gums. Additionally, no artificial sugars like saccharin and no harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate are present in the product. Therabreath oral rinse also does not have artificial sugars, no harsh detergent like tri sodium phosphate and most importantly, no alcohol content.