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Denture Implants – A Good Investment

Denture implants are a relatively new idea for securing lower dentures. Uppers are usually stable, assuming they are Toothpaste On Amazon manufactured properly. The muscles in the upper portion of the mouth are stronger than those in the lower portion.
The weaker muscles of the lower mouth cannot hold the dentures securely in place. The result is clicking and slipping. Eating foods like an apple or corn-on-the-cob is difficult if not impossible.
It’s true that adhesives are available. The television commercials might make you think that the “grips” will take care of all of your problems. The adhesives might work for some people, but most wearers don’t like them.
The first problem is that adhesives are messy. The second is that they taste bad. The third is that they do Why Do We Get Toothaches not provide the most secure fit. Even eating semi-hard food is difficult. Speaking can be troublesome, too.
Denture implants can make all of the difference. They are stainless steel or titanium posts, similar in design to what is used for tooth replacement. The posts are inserted into the lower gum, using only mild anesthetic.
The procedure can be performed in your dentist’s office in a relatively short period of time. It usually takes about an hour. Two to four posts are inserted and matching holes are created in your existing lower denture.
Dentures snap easily into place. They are easy to remove. While you are wearing them, they are perfectly aligned and secure. The posts provide more support and negate the need for adhesives.
If you have been told that you do not have enough bone for a traditional implant, the kind that would act as a natural tooth, you should still be able to get denture implants. They are shorter, sometimes referred to as mini-implants. Since they are used only to secure the dentures and not to hold a new porcelain tooth, the shorter posts work just fine.
Recovery time is much shorter for the mini-implants than it would be for the traditional type. Those required shielding and additional visits. There was a great deal of pain, too.
Most patients are satisfied with their new anchors. They feel more confident.
Slipping dentures can be very uncomfortable. They can cause irritation of the gums and even ulceration. In some cases, patients have to leave them out for extended periods of time while the gums heal.
As you can see, denture implants are accompanied by many benefits. They are well worth the investment.