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Dental Implants Can Be Good For A Lifetime

Dental Implants are artificial implants used to replace one or more missing teeth. They help prevent the bone loss that is common when a tooth is lost and are also considered prosthetic devices as well as a cosmetic procedure. The prosthetics are considered some of the most effective measures for restoring lost teeth, restoring the ability to chew normally and preventing bone loss.
Dental implants consist of a titanium post affixed to the jawbone bone to hold a prosthetic tooth replacement in place. The procedure is not usually done all at one time. Instead it requires affixing the titanium post How To Keep Your Teeth Whiter With Braces to the bone and allowing sufficient time for the bone to grow around it. Once it is firmly in place and surrounded by bone growth it can hold a bridge or single tooth in place as securely as natural teeth do.
Tooth loss can occur for any number of reasons including accidents, injury, decay or other health issues. Missing teeth can impact health in more ways than simple bone loss to the jaw. A poor bite and the inability to chew can lead to poor nutrition and further health problems. Missing teeth can cause the affected individual to be uncomfortable opening their mouth and make social situations uncomfortable.
Dental implants are believed to have been used by the Mayans as early as 1400 years ago. Shell fragments were discovered placed in the empty sockets of a woman in her twenties; the crude implants are believed to have been done to replace the missing teeth. It took another 1350 years for the concept to be rediscovered and refined after the initial discovery that titanium could bond with bone and cause no long term inflammation.
The titanium post design for the prosthesis took many more years to perfect. In 1969 results were published indicating that these titanium posts holding crowns could be used successfully to replace missing teeth. This is the same year the technology was patented in the United States due to independent research conducted by two American doctors.
Placing implants requires more planning than simply filling a tooth or even a root canal. The shape of the bone as well as any major nerves Do All Dentist Charge The Same must be mapped. The post to hold the prosthetics must be carefully placed to provide the best anchorage for the replacement teeth.
The dental provider will discuss the options with the patient after the necessary tests. Some implants may be done with only a local anesthetic and some are performed under a general anesthesia. The type of anesthesia as well as any pre-surgical preparation will be discussed before the surgery during the planning stages.
The decision to have dental implants is usually left to the patient and cost may be a factor in the decision. It can take several months for the implanted post to heal and integrate into the bone, and the crown be placed over the post. However with proper care the implant can be good for forty years or more of use which makes the short time spent getting the implant well worth the time.