Ah, the costs of dental work. Braces, root canals, cavities, teeth cleaning … how can you afford it these days if you don’t have dental insurance? Here’s one way people without dental coverage have found can help them get money-saving discounts on most dental procedures.
First, it’s good to understand how dental insurance works. Dental insurance is similar to health insurance. You pay a monthly premium for a policy that gives you certain benefits, such as coverage for cleanings, cavities, x-rays and more, depending on the plan. You New Dental Hygiene Products typically have a deductible amount that must be met before the benefits start. Additionally, you may need to pay a percentage of the costs for certain procedures such as root canals, crowns and braces. The dental plan typically pays the dentist for its percentage.
Now, an alternative to dental insurance that has gained popularity is a dental discount plan. Discount dental plans are not insurance and do not pay benefits Best Teeth Whitening Products to the dental provider. This is what makes them a simpler alternative for many people; there are no paper work hassles or deductibles to worry about.
With these kind of plans, you pay an annual membership fee. There are usually dozens of plans available in your area, and it’s likely your dentist is already participating in one. As a member, the dental provider will offer you discounted fees for most dental procedures. The annual membership fee can be quite affordable and the discounts can be significant: From 10 to 60 percent on most procedures.
When you become a member, you will get a membership card which you show to your dentist at the time of service. You then pay him or her the discounted fee. That’s it.
Dental discount plans are good for families or individuals, and are a great alternative to covering your dental costs if you are self-employed, while you’re waiting for employer benefits or while you are attending college.
You can review plans online a comparison site, apply and even pay over the Internet. Once you are accepted, you could take advantage of the discounts within a few days of applying, making this a good alternative for dental emergencies as well.