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Cosmetic Dentistry – Silver, Gold, Or Natural

When you smile, do you offer people a happy mouth full of silver? Or, maybe something of a little richer nature: gold. In the last decade or so, other types of fillings have been introduced to the cosmetic dentistry market. Fillings serve the purpose of cleaning up the cavities in the mouth, but the colors of the fillings are strictly for beauty purposes. You can now get tooth colored fillings which has several advantages.
Advantage number one is: there is no mercury. Most people know that silver fillings have a small amount of mercury which is toxic. The silver fillings are much less expensive than both the tooth colored and gold. Most believe that the mercury content is not something to be overly concerned with Harvard Dental School Acceptance Rate because it is a small amount and once the mercury cools, it releases very little vapor. Studies actually show that medical conditions are no different between people with silver fillings and people without. If you are concerned about the mercury content, silver fillings are not for you.
Advantage number two is the biggest difference: tooth colored fillings look better than a mouth full of silver. When people see all the silver in your mouth, they are instantly aware that you’ve had a mouth full of cavities. This may Dentist Near Me Open Today or may not reflect on how they perceive your personal hygiene level. But when they see nothing but white teeth, there is no question. Tooth colored fillings add a new dimension to cosmetic dentistry and how it improves your smile.
Advantage number three is: tooth colored fillings look better than silver and are cheaper than gold fillings. Price is almost always an option. While a few insurance plans do pay for tooth colored fillings, not all will cover the additional costs. For the person who is concerned about mercury levels, they consider the cost of their health priceless. Others may be concerned about how the fillings look, and beauty is priceless to them. Check out all cosmetic dentistry options before coming to a firm decision because you could be stuck with it for a very long time. What is your smile worth to you?