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Cosmetic Dental Care and Proper Eating Habits

Cosmetic dental care, from a teeth whitening system to dental implants, entails a considerable amount of time, effort and money from the patient. This is why regular maintenance of teeth that have undergone cosmetic treatment is a must. Some patients have to come back to the dentist sooner than expected to have replacements for veneers or to redo their whitening treatments. Many are due to improper eating habits.
You should not think that your teeth will become invincible once it has had dental treatment. You should take care of your teeth, especially when you are eating. Here are some helpful reminders for your oral care.
Biting into or chewing hard or sticky food should be avoided. You should stay away from chewing or bubble gums, sticky candy like taffy and caramel, bagels, pretzels, popcorns, nuts, and ice. If you want to eat apples, what you can do is slice them first into thin pieces and never bite into a whole piece complete with skin and all. Also, you should ask the waiter in the restaurant to serve corn with the kernels already shredded from the cob, if you want to have some corn for dinner. And make sure to brush and floss afterwards to remove any corn bits that might have stuck in between your teeth.
Cosmetic dental care procedures that involve reinforcing your teeth like veneers and crowns are done to help your teeth function normally. However, you should keep yourself from biting or chewing too hard, because the porcelain, ceramic or whatever material that was used might chip or break. Red wine, tomato juice, grape juice, tea, coffee and similar beverages should be taken in minimal amounts. Cosmetic treatment materials like porcelain can pick up stain from these beverages, as well as deep pigmented food. You should keep in mind that cosmetic materials cannot be remedied by tooth whitening gels, unlike your natural teeth.
There are some general oral care tips that you should continue to follow, whether you have had any cosmetic dental care treatment or not. This is not only to preserve your implants, crowns, etc., but also to take care of your remaining natural and healthy teeth.
A well-balanced diet is always recommended for everyone. But this usually means including fruits, milk, cereals, bread and some vegetables that are high in sugars, starches or acid. You should 2Nd Molar Decay not completely avoid these items, though. You just need to take them in moderation. And, of course, you should stick to the routine of brushing twice daily and flossing regularly.
Also, a bag of chips and your nails are not actually edible, Dentistry Through The Ages so you should not use your teeth to bite or tear them.
Finally, drinking plenty of water is good not only for your body, but also for your general dental health. This will rinse your mouth of all the acidic and deep-pigmented food and drinks that you may have taken. Water will help lessen the effect of stains and sugars of your coffee, cola and candy.