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Cold Chain Shipping for Thermal Sensitive Goods at Reduced Cost

Cold Chain Shipping for Thermal Sensitive Goods at Reduced Cost

Sensitive materials like vaccines and pharmaceuticals need to be shipped with utmost care without any degradation. For instance, if you are shipping bloods, plasma and some medicines, there are certain storage conditions to me maintained. Perishability, Temperature, and fragility, are some of the factors to be considered when in storage and transit. Here is where cold chain comes into picture.

Cold Chain is a means of logistics that takes care of the transit needs of sensitive goods while loading, shipping and uploading. Here the temperature is maintained, till the products reach its destination. A specialized container is used to hold the temperature up to 120 hours. These containers are inspected, cleaned and thermally tested to meet specific hold time requirements. Medical industry relies on these containers for effective vaccines shipping.

The manufacturers require insulated containers and refrigerated shipping containers for vaccine delivery. It depends on the quality of testing equipments and experienced technicians to make sure that the temperature inside the container remains intact till it is delivered. Shipping overseas takes a longtime to reach the destination and the pharmaceutical goods comes under extreme temperature swings during shipping. So if the quality of container is better, then it will hold temperature for a longer period.

Similarly, mobile refrigerators are designed to deliver medical goods before shipping the same for military mission. Whatever may be the purpose, it requires the services of cold chain shipping to have a safe delivery of goods. And if you are a public health professional and working on an immunization program in the community, then you must ensure the quality and safety of the vaccine remain as usual. This is possible if you carry the medicines in a specialized container. Pharmaceuticals who ship goods in bulks expend more for shipping. But the shipping charges could be reduced by opting for reusable insulated containers or boxes.

There are certain insulated shippers that produce these insulated containers as per the need of the client and that too at reasonable price. The benefits the clients get are superior hold time performance, stable, accurate payload temperatures and extended hold times. Another advantage of cold chain shipping is increased payload capacities, i.e. you can ship more products without increasing the size of container.

Therefore, login to the website to get your insulated containers from a reputed source. You have the option to browse the products by category like qualified shippers, custom shippers, thermal pallet shippers, mobile refrigerators, vaccine carriers and coolant packs. Cold chain solutions is providing engineering solutions in various fields like animal health, battlefield healthcare, biological, biotechnology, clinical trial, laboratory services, public health nursing and many more.

At reputed logistics, you can send the containers to the shipper where it will be visually inspected and the corrugated outer shell will be replaced as per the compliance of FDA. Then, it goes for thermal testing and reassembled before returning to the customers for reuse. This ensures cost-cutting cold chain solutions for effective delivery of vaccines and medications.