Visiting a cosmetic dentist offers a person to quickly and effectively correct any sort of natural deficiency they may have in their smile. That is why this is by far the fastest growing and most popular field for those looking to advance or start their career in dentistry. The profits are substantial and it gives those looking for a career in an oral health field the opportunity to bind science with art as they work to create stunning works of art from the teeth of their patients.
Now when we speak about a cosmetic dentist we are really talking about two unique types of doctor. Neither is officially referred to by this term by the American Dental Association because it is not an actual specialty. This has led to many untrained doctors calling themselves this in order to drum up business. Really, what they offer are aesthetic procedures that improve the appearance but do not actually fall within the purview of either of the two specialties, which are orthodontics and prosthodontics. If you are serious about pursuing a field in which you can help people look better you should understand the differences between the two.
Orthodontics is the study and treatment of how the mouth aligns. This type of cosmetic dentist will work to create alignment of the teeth and jaws to improve the bite. This naturally creates straighter more Good Dentist Near Me That Accept Medical even smiles and can be said to accomplish a fair amount of aesthetic benefit. They use surgery and appliances to accomplish these goals, but work largely with the natural structures within the mouth.
The other specialty, prosthodontics, is concerned with those who have lost or damaged their teeth. They are worried about the appearance, but also about comfort and function so that Lumineers Teeth a person may enjoy food and receive adequate nutrition. This type of cosmetic dentist uses prosthetics like dentures, bridges and crowns to rebuild and replace lost tissue.
The results of both of these types of treatment are an improvement of the alignment and appearance of the smile. For those looking to help people have better function and use of their mouth they can also be a wonderful way of treating problems. What one should realize when considering a career in either of these fields is that becoming a cosmetic dentist will take many years of work. It will require extensive schooling and even after that, a fellowship or other specialized training to do this specific type of work. A good plan is to speak with others who are already performing this work and have completed the process to better find out whether it suits your career aspirations.