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Battle Against Bad Breath

There is a saying that states, “First impression lasts.” Some people believe this line but there also some Why Choose Dentistry Over Medicine who do not. Whichever is the case, it is important to have a clean body and a fresh breath always.
Every day we communicate to different people depending on our fields. If you are a teacher, you spend much of your time communicating with your students. Same is for doctors and nurses towards their patients and the like. In this process, it is essential to have a fresh breath to properly convey your message and most importantly to avoid hearing bad comments about you. Before citing the ways to cure bad breath, we have to know its causes first.
Bad breath, scientifically termed as Halitosis, is caused of various factors. The first and probably the most common cause could be the presence of food particles that remained on the spaces between our teeth after taking a meal. Mouth ulcers could also have an effect in making one’s breath smell bad. Tooth decay can also be another cause. And finally, substances such as alcohol and nicotine can produce halitosis.
The first thing that should be done after knowing the possible causes is to alleviate if not to eradicate them. It is important to brush right after taking a meal and use dental floss thereafter. Brushing alone is not enough. There are food debris that could have remained so dental floss can be used to remove them. These food particles, if left in the mouth for a longer time, can produce foul smell because bacteria found in our saliva react to it. That is why it is important to remove it early. Secondly, there should be a regular visit to the dentist. This will decrease the possibility of having tooth decay as the dentist constantly assess and takes care of your teeth. Wrong tooth care practices can also be corrected.
Drinking plenty of water is the third step. Having an ample intake of water would decrease dehydration. As an effect, there would be an increased production of saliva-which acts as the mouth’s natural mouthwash. Lastly, avoid too much alcohol, coffee and nicotine Oral Care Toothpaste from cigarette smoking. Aside from the fact that these things cause bad breath, it also makes your body unhealthy making you more susceptible to acquire diseases. Too much nicotine can cause lung ulcers and tooth decay leading to having bad breath.
The battle against bad breath can be won easily if one has the will and determination not only to defeat bad breath but also to establish good impression towards other people.