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Basic Oral Care Tips to Give You a Great Smile

A smile is a great component of beauty. This makes your teeth very a very essential part of you hence should be well taken care of. There are people with the finest facial features but whenever they smile and show unattractive teeth, everything seems wasted. Many people’s perception of beauty has to do with an individual’s oral health since the appearance of one’s teeth is a reflection of their personal hygiene. A person’s smile can break or make the manner in which people judge their appearance regardless of how flawless they look. This has led to many dental technologies aimed at enhancing people’s teeth. However, if you want to keep your smile perfect, you have to keep practicing basic oral care.
Any person can practice basic oral care as it is not complicated. That is why it is called basic, anyway. The major thing to remember in this is keeping your mouth free from food particles, as this is the Dental Therapist New Zealand number one cause of oral problems. Actually, practicing poor oral hygiene does not only affect the teeth but also the gums. Here are some basic oral care tips that will help you maintain that great smile.
Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day
This might sound obvious but a good number of people don’t brush their teeth well, don’t do it long enough or often enough. In addition to brushing at least twice every day, you should ensure that you take your time in doing so. Do not rush through it. Brushing should be at least four minutes to allow you enough time to brush off everything you do not need on your teeth. Mouthwash can be used after brushing to give your mouth a final rinse.
Technique and the Right Tools
Some people hold their brush perpendicular to the teeth when brushing, but this is incorrect. You should angle the brush towards the gums and utilize small back and forth movements. You do not have to press hard into the teeth. Just do it lightly and let the brush and toothpaste do the work. Ensure that you concentrate on the back teeth just as you do with the front ones.
It is vital that you use the right tools for the job. Choose good toothpaste that has the right composition of all the essential ingredients. You should also be careful with your choice of brush. Small tooth brushes are more preferable as they easily reach all the places in your mouth. The bristles should also be soft to avoid hurting your gums, which could cause bleeding.
Flossing is an essential part of the basic oral care as it helps to remove plaque. This should be done every day, preferably two times. When flossing, you have to be careful with the gums. If clumsily done, this can easily cause damage to the gums making them to bleed.
See a Dentist
Plaque and tartar are likely to build up, no matter how strict your oral hygiene regime is. This makes it important to see a dentist regularly who helps you take good care of your teeth and advices you accordingly. You should Top Dental Schools In Us also be careful with your diet. Avoid sugary foods and if you cannot, ensure that you brush your teeth after eating. By following these basic oral care tips, you are sure to have that great smile you have always wanted.