1st International Chess Tournament ‘Pelion 2018’



Organizers: Pnevmatiki Stegi Peristeriou, S. E. Volou

Tournament Director: Geropapas Periklis

Chief Arbiter: ΙΑ Mihailidis Anastasios

Venue: Maro Hotel, Agios Ioannis- Pelion.

Tournament System: 9 round Swiss system with FIDE rating. All FIDE and Greek Chess Federation regulations apply.


Time table:

Saturday          16        June                Opening Ceremony     at 16:30
Saturday          16        June                1st round                      at 17:00
Sunday             17        June                2nd round                     at 10:00
Sunday             17        June                3rd round                      at 17:00
Monday            18        June                4th round                      at 17:00
Tuesday           19        June                5th round                      at 17:00
Wednesday      20        June                6th round                      at 17:00
Thursday         21        June                7th round                      at 17:00
Friday              22        June                8th round                      at 17:00
Saturday          23        June                9th round                      at 10:00
Saturday          23        June                Closing Ceremony                   at 15:30

Confirmation of participation by physical presence or by phone at (+30) 6949070319 Mr Periklis Geropapas, Mr Michailidis (+30)6972991799, until 16:00 of June 18th 2018.

Time Control: 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes until the end of the game, plus 30 seconds per move from move 1, for each player. Recording of the moves is compulsory for the entire duration of the game.

Player who does not appear to participate 30 minutes after the start of the round will lose the game.

Tie-Breaks: To resolve possible tie-breaks the following criteria will be applied:

  1. a) The results of the tied players with each other (only if all tied players have played each other).
  2. b) Bucholz cut-1
  3. c) Bucholz
  4. d) Sonneborg Berger

Postponements: Postponement of a game is not allowed.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is set at 40€ and 30€ for players <18 years old. GM’s and IM’s don’t pay entry fee.

Entry fees must be paid at the tournament hall before the start of the 1st round.

Appeals: Appeals may be submitted until 30 minutes after the end of the round. A 3-member Appeals Committee will be responsible for their examination. Members of the AC related to the players involved will be exempted. The composition of the AC will be determined before the start of the tournament by the Chief Arbiter. The appeal fee is set at 100€ and may be deposited to the Tournament Director or the Chief Arbiter. Should the appeal be vindicated, the fee shall be returned to the appellant, otherwise it is withheld by the organizers.


Cash Prizes:

The cash prizes to be awarded to the winners of the tournament are, in euros (€):

1st winner         900€ + cup 1st under 18 Cup
2nd winner         500€ + cup 1st girl under 18 Cup
3rd winner         350€ + cup 1st under 14 Cup
4th winner         100€ 1st girl under 14 Cup
5th winner         50€ 1st under 12 Cup
6th winner         50€ 1st girl under 12 Cup
1st woman         100€ + cup 1st under 10 Cup
1st Veteran (S50) 50€ + cup 1st girl under 10 Cup
Champion of TESSTH 100€** + cup Woman Champion of TESSTH 50€** + cup

*Medals will be given to 2nd and 3rd place.

* Cash prizes are awarded according to the criteria Hort.

* Players receive only the biggest prizes they are entitled to.
* There must be at least 5 eligible participants in order to form a special category.
* Player that left the tournament cannot receive a prize.
* Player that leaves before the Closing Ceremony his prize.
Accommodation: For participants interested in being accommodated at the tournament hotel (Maro hotel) the following special prices are offered:


Cost per room/ per Night with breakfast Double




Maro Hotel 40 50 30


For room reservation, order of priority will be strictly observed according to date of registration. Reservations are confirmed by the deposit of 30% of the total cost in one of the following bank accounts of the organizers:


ALPHA BANK IBAN:GR1201403100310002002026624 BIC:CRBAGRAA Account Holder’s Name(s):Klimentopoulos Alexandros-Electra Klimentopoulou O.E. Maro

PEIRAIOS BANK: GR9701719040006904132647664 Name: Periklis Geropapas

Registration: By phone at (+30) 6949070319 – Mr Periklis Geropapas, Mr Michailidis (+30)6972991799 or at the e-mail

 INTERNEΤ: Pairings ,informations, announcements and live transmission of games at the official site of the tournament:

 General: The Tournament Director is responsible for decisions on any matter not covered by these regulations.